Grand Arrival!

Hello, my loves. Some of you may know me from Goggles & Lace, and that’s awesome. G&L was home for me for five years and it served as a valuable learning experience for me. I made fantastic friends whose writing and adventures I’ve watched transform in ways I never expected. It’s been a great five years.

Now, I’m looking to build my portfolio and give myself room to breathe as an author and editor. Y’know, put a professional face on for the camera. Maybe. Something like that. I’m also working on my degree in English, and I’m a year and a half away from actually getting a job in my field, so you know what that means? Whoring myself for pre-resume work!

I want this to be a fun and functional place to work out of, but to get it there, I’ll need a lot of patience and evolution. Bear with me! ❤

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