A is for Amity Dawn #AtoZChallenge

Funny story. I’ve been crazy sick for about a week and a half now, and haven’t actually managed to get a damn spot of writing done in that time. It’s put me behind in Camp NaNoWriMo and in the A-to-Z Blogging Challenge. I’ve had little time and mental capacity to prepare for either, so here is a quick shot into Day 1 of the writing challenge.

A is for Amity Dawn.

This novel is one I’ve been working on for years now. I started it before I started going back to school and before I accepted a full-time position with OfficeMax, and, because of those life-improving hindrances, I’ve gotten a whole shitload of nothing done. Amity Dawn has been on the back burner for so long, it’s nauseating, and­­­ I’m ready to wrap it up.

This is where Camp NaNoWriMo comes in. I’ve never won a Camp event. I’ve been participating steadily since Camp began, but it just doesn’t have the competitive edge that the core NaNoWriMo event has. It feels less imperative to win. Then again, I’m probably just lacking any sort of self-discipline. I need to buckle down. I now have beta-readers on a chapter-by-chapter basis, and Boyfriend, light of my life, likes to poke at me to see that I’m meeting quota. He’s a doll.

All in all, though, with Amity Dawn as my biggest project to date, I think I could use that poking. From him, from my betas, from anyone who wants to give it. At least until I can fall into the groove of writing habitually again. I’ve come a bit off track.

This post isn’t structured. It’s not about keeping on topic or on task, but about coming back to something I love. A love that writing for a degree and writing for other people has pulled me away from. Well, not anymore.

Amity Dawn follows a strong female lead with problems that pull her off track and try to take her away from what’s important. It’s something I’m identifying with more and more. I’ve found her relationship with the double-agent and I’ve touched her emotional turmoil with the political climate. I’ve even found the good in her that she didn’t think existed anymore—or at all. I’ve found a deeper vein of humanity in my main character than I expected even existed, and now I think I’m ready.

Out of the whole mess of being sick this week and the last two years of “I’m too busy to really love anything,” I think I’ve been given what I need to complete this project in a satisfactory way. At least, in a way that I can mold into something greater.

Battle on! ❤

5 thoughts on “A is for Amity Dawn #AtoZChallenge”

  1. Ah, I know the feeling. It’s hard when life gets too busy. I think the trick is to just do a little each day. Not a lot. Just something manageable. Until the habit gets reformed. Good luck.


  2. Go! You can do it! Just write!
    Show your writings who’s the boss!
    And your plot sounds really good, now go and write it 😀
    (I’m also doing the A to Z challenge and the camp nano, but nothing is really going well. Oh well!!!)


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