Salut! My name is Kit and I’ve been writing since I was just a kid. Every instance of my life has been heavily influenced by fiction and those that create it, and I strive every day to bring that enthusiasm to the table!

A bit about myself: I’m a freelance writer and editor. I’m currently pursuing a BA in Creative Writing at Southern New Hampshire University, from which I’ll be graduating next year. (Yay!) In 2010, I founded Inkwell Imaginings with my best friend (a fellow writer). This writing group serves Worcester County, MA, and, subsequently, Jacksonville, FL. After starting Inkwell in Jax, we had another writer petition for a branch in Oklahoma City, OK. I’m incredibly proud of the number of writers we’ve been able to reach in the last six years, and I’m so humbled and lucky to call them friends and colleagues.

After declaring a hiatus at Inkwell-Jax, I took a break from writing to focus on my degree. The closer I come to graduating, the more I miss my craft. I take part in NaNoWriMo every year, even served two years as a Municipal Liaison, but it’s not enough! 2016 now finds me getting back to writing, as well as pushing new boundaries in helping other writers find their voices. I’ve got workshops set to begin this summer, and my overall goal is to create a safe space for writers, a physical place to conduct classes, workshops, and retreats several times a year. All in all, this blog will follow my journey to that end–as well as other writerly shenanigans in between. ❤

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