Struggling and World Building

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Lately, I think we’ve all been struggling with the effects of COVID-19 and the constant drive to keep our heads above water. So, this week’s #WritingProgressWednesday is focusing on bringing myself back together.

My husband is still working at Target during this whole disaster. I’ve been lucky enough to have him home for the last week on what would have been our anniversary vacation, but it’s not quite the same. He goes back to work on Saturday. We’ve made him masks to wear, just in case. He deals with a lot of people every day.

I spent the better part of March panicking over COVID-19, but I’m not there anymore. I’m sad. Tired. Unable to process the numbers. Florida is a growing train wreck, and I’m never quite sure what’s going to burst into flames next. Every press release is worst than the last.

Needless to say, depression has pulled me away from the writing that I’ve been desperately trying to get back to. It’s always a struggle–the depression and anxiety–trying to balance when I feel best and where my focus can be applied, if I have any focus to give at all. The virus has amplified these issues, but it’s not like they weren’t already there.

So, I’ve got over 200 pages of ms to edit and restructure. I have the same six chapters left to finish the primary story line in the first draft of PSCW. I’m pulling information I wrote on the fly and creating a world building bible for that world–though it really does need a lot of fleshing out. I’m missing so much, it’s a little intimidating.

For now, with the world building and the work I have ahead of me with PSCW and Fae’s Light, I have plenty to work through. I just need to find the drive to push through my issues to get to the end of it.

How are you all handling isolation or continuing to work? Stay safe. ❤

Fae’s Light – #FictionFriday

I’m a day late, and the last half of chapter one is subpar. Enjoy.


Chapter One

Most of the circus crew were shut up in their wagons, if they had them, grateful not to be left to the volatile winds in the flimsy caravan tents. Elysia warmed her hands by the tiny wood stove at the front of her wagon, rubbing them together to encourage the heat to bloom. The wagon creaked and rocked as the wind battered against it, torrents of rain pelting the worn wooden vehicle from the cliff side.

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Shooting for a New Day Job & Friday

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Writing took a bit of a back seat this last week, unfortunately. I’ve had a handful of doctor’s appointments to deal with some issues that have built up over the last year. It’s been hell on my anxiety, but I feel like, from a health standpoint, I’m pushing in the right direction.

On top of the doctor’s appointments, I’ve gone through two job interviews for a pet store, with a third this afternoon. It’s been a very busy, but fairly positive week, as long as I’m looking past the anxiety hellpit that follows me around from time to time.

FAE’S LIGHT chapter one is undergoing a quick edit and reworking, and will be up on Friday. Pretty short post today. Stay tuned for Fiction Friday. ❤

FAE’S LIGHT and Other Updates

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Last week, I talked about PSCW and the last six chapters. I haven’t finished up yet, but I’ve done a fair bit to flesh out the magic system in that world. It needed rules, and parameters. The end result is going to be much more satisfying! That is my downfall with NaNoWriMo novels. I tend to get wrapped up in the story, but I don’t do quite enough world building before hand.

Fae’s Light actually started a few months ago as a project to help me build my world organically. It takes place quite some time after PSCW, and follows a half-Fae man named Tyr on his quest to free himself from the Fae. It’s very episodic, at the moment, and I’m going to start posting them on Fridays. While it won’t be PSCW directly, you’ll get a glimpse into that world!

Beyond Tyr’s adventures, I’ll be working on finding a new layout for the blog. I think this one has run its course. And, for some reason, the header isn’t displaying correctly anymore, so it’s got to go! Not really sure about a color scheme yet, but we’ll see.

For the first time, I don’t have anything really lined up for Camp NaNoWriMo in April. Is anyone else participating? What are you working on?