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Flash Fiction Friday 02/05/2021

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The dawn always came, Nic decided, when he’d finally grown accustomed to the night. The moment the darkness began to feel like home, sunlight crested the trees to bring renewal and hope—and his own disappointment.

As the day wore on, he’d forget his comfort in the darkness and embrace the light. Then the night would come again and chase the day away. Despair would take him until just before the dawn.

He remembered Tyr saying he’d mourn the stars if he held them in his hands, because he could no longer behold them in the sky. But Tyr knew the magic of the dark and the glory of the day and lamented nothing.

Nic didn’t know how to tell him that his grief was not that he overlooked the magic of the night, but that the power of it was melancholy and tumultuous. The glory of day was gentler, but it paled in comparison.

Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction Friday 01/29/2021

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“Tell me about the Selkies, Auntie!” the little girl cried, plopping onto the braided rug by the fire.

“Have I not told you enough about them?” Auntie asked, glancing over her cup of tea at the child at her feet. She smiled, though, and the girl grinned back, a gap where one of her front teeth would be soon. “All right. Do you remember Kynda, the Queen of the Selkies? Have I told you of her sister, Amyra, the warrior princess?”

The child shook her head, her short braid sweeping her shoulders.

“Ah, well, Amyra didn’t stay in the Cove. She lit out on adventure with her skin tied around her shoulders.” Auntie paused to sip her tea. “She bested human soldiers, Fae warriors, and the Guardians of the merfolk rock halls, with nothing but a spear and her will.”

“Did she always wear her skin?” the girl asked, tilting her head.

Auntie’s eyes glistened. “No. Eventually, she trusted it to someone special to her, and her adventures in the world came to an end,” she said as the child climbed into her lap, atop the silvery seal fur she wore across her legs.

Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction Friday 01/22/2021

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He poured the ink into the bottle careful not to spill a drop. In the black little bubbles that escaped the bottom, he saw little puffs of white as they popped, and he smiled. The ink contained purity. Life. Love. Experience. It contained everything it could be used to write, and everything an artist might draw.

It bore the limitless potential of imagination, and his heart was drowning in it.

Carefully, he corked the bottle and sealed it with blood red wax. He crossed his tiny room, ducking around the herbs and flowers dangling from his ceiling, and pushed open the shutter in his kitchen.

“Use it as the moon waxes full,” he said, “to cultivate all it has to offer.”

The hand emerged from the night, gnarled and yellowed, and plucked the bottle from the herbalist’s hand. “Perhaps I will write as the moon wanes, to test its capacity for darkness.”

The herbalist’s brow furrowed, but as he reached to take the bottle back, the yellowed hand disappeared in a puff of shadow, and the ink along with it.

Fiction Friday

Flash Fiction Friday 01/15/2021

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Creeping vines coiled around the crumbling headstone, burrowing into the weatherworn cracks. Lilah’s knees were buried an inch in the mud, but still she sat, staring at her own name—or what little of it the rain hadn’t beaten away.

“I’ve been gone a year,” she said.

“You’ve been gone a lifetime,” a voice whispered back, whirling around her on the wind. “You cannot measure what you’ve learned with time, my love.”

A swell of sorrow rose in her chest. “But I can measure it in loss,” she replied. She could almost feel the vines coiling tighter.

Writing Progress Wednesdays

Struggling and World Building

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Lately, I think we’ve all been struggling with the effects of COVID-19 and the constant drive to keep our heads above water. So, this week’s #WritingProgressWednesday is focusing on bringing myself back together.

My husband is still working at Target during this whole disaster. I’ve been lucky enough to have him home for the last week on what would have been our anniversary vacation, but it’s not quite the same. He goes back to work on Saturday. We’ve made him masks to wear, just in case. He deals with a lot of people every day.

I spent the better part of March panicking over COVID-19, but I’m not there anymore. I’m sad. Tired. Unable to process the numbers. Florida is a growing train wreck, and I’m never quite sure what’s going to burst into flames next. Every press release is worst than the last.

Needless to say, depression has pulled me away from the writing that I’ve been desperately trying to get back to. It’s always a struggle–the depression and anxiety–trying to balance when I feel best and where my focus can be applied, if I have any focus to give at all. The virus has amplified these issues, but it’s not like they weren’t already there.

So, I’ve got over 200 pages of ms to edit and restructure. I have the same six chapters left to finish the primary story line in the first draft of PSCW. I’m pulling information I wrote on the fly and creating a world building bible for that world–though it really does need a lot of fleshing out. I’m missing so much, it’s a little intimidating.

For now, with the world building and the work I have ahead of me with PSCW and Fae’s Light, I have plenty to work through. I just need to find the drive to push through my issues to get to the end of it.

How are you all handling isolation or continuing to work? Stay safe. ❤

writing, Writing Progress Wednesdays

Six Chapters Left!

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I’m adding a weekly element to the blog! Writing Progress Wednesday! I probably don’t make enough progress, but I’m hoping this bumps me into moving a little more quickly on certain projects.

In any case, I’m happy to announce that Pirate Selkie Civil War (which still has no actual title, and whose working title isn’t really even accurate anymore) has only six chapters left in draft one! It’s a big deal, since I’ve struggled with my fiction for several years now. PSCW was a project I took on as something fun and unusual to alleviate the creative block I’d hit with Amity Dawn, and it turned into something much bigger.

Amity Dawn is still sitting on my hard drive, collecting dust and being a mess, but I’ll get back to it one day. I guess I just lost my handle on it, and I needed to set it aside. Hopefully, some distance brings a little clarity.

But, right now! Pirates and selkies and faeries are making a full scale mess in another world, and I need to handle that.

So, I’ve got a sailor and her crew trying to fight a bastard king, who is burning through the country trying to find the key to the Fae realm. The Fae aren’t going to take that lying down, and I’ve got six chapters to resolve it with. Then, it’s onto hole-fixing.

Aside from PSCW, I’ve got some drabble bits going, but nothing concrete. Just trying to keep it fun for the time being!

What are you working on?