E is for Excitement #AtoZChallenge

Coming off of Monday’s let-down was rough. I spent months preparing for that job, wanting it, being positive, crafting a hell of a set of application answers, the whole nine. The “you’re amazing and we’re sorry we couldn’t accept you” email, while cordial and warm and still very thoughtfully put together, hit me like a brick wall. I guess I never expected that I wouldn’t get the position. I worked so hard to be what this company needed—but you know what? This should be a lesson in “you are enough.” Never let anyone tell you otherwise. Just because they didn’t pick me doesn’t mean I’m “less than” the other applicants. It just means I wasn’t the right fit.

It’s okay to “not fit.”

Being a unique human being is hard sometimes. You want to shine and be seen and make a difference, but I guess… so doesn’t everyone. That’s okay, though. That job may be in the future for me, and I will reapply when the time is right.

For now? I got a job! I can leave the print-hell that is OfficeMax and work customer service from home! Why is this better, you ask? Because I don’t have to get yelled at face-to-face on the daily, and I don’t have to stop production on large-scale print jobs just so I can get yelled at face-to-face by a total stranger. Sure, it’s still customer service and I will still be getting yelled at and blamed for all of the world’s problems, but I won’t have the weight of a dozen printing projects, five other employees, and a breakdown of communication settled on my shoulders at the same time. The first two years of that position was great. I wasn’t always exclusively print, either, so I suppose it broke things up a bit. It wasn’t until this past January that I stopped being able to deal with the growing drama at another store I was shipped to.

Besides, now I can be home to cook for my other half when he gets home from his strenuous OfficeMax day.

For a writing blog, I’ve written very little about writing the last week or so. Lots of changes in the wind!

How are your spring and summer seasons shaping up?