Writing Progress Wednesdays

Struggling and World Building

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Lately, I think we’ve all been struggling with the effects of COVID-19 and the constant drive to keep our heads above water. So, this week’s #WritingProgressWednesday is focusing on bringing myself back together.

My husband is still working at Target during this whole disaster. I’ve been lucky enough to have him home for the last week on what would have been our anniversary vacation, but it’s not quite the same. He goes back to work on Saturday. We’ve made him masks to wear, just in case. He deals with a lot of people every day.

I spent the better part of March panicking over COVID-19, but I’m not there anymore. I’m sad. Tired. Unable to process the numbers. Florida is a growing train wreck, and I’m never quite sure what’s going to burst into flames next. Every press release is worst than the last.

Needless to say, depression has pulled me away from the writing that I’ve been desperately trying to get back to. It’s always a struggle–the depression and anxiety–trying to balance when I feel best and where my focus can be applied, if I have any focus to give at all. The virus has amplified these issues, but it’s not like they weren’t already there.

So, I’ve got over 200 pages of ms to edit and restructure. I have the same six chapters left to finish the primary story line in the first draft of PSCW. I’m pulling information I wrote on the fly and creating a world building bible for that world–though it really does need a lot of fleshing out. I’m missing so much, it’s a little intimidating.

For now, with the world building and the work I have ahead of me with PSCW and Fae’s Light, I have plenty to work through. I just need to find the drive to push through my issues to get to the end of it.

How are you all handling isolation or continuing to work? Stay safe. ❤


B is for Bathys #AtoZChallenge

I’ll bet you thought I was going to say “books,” didn’t you? Well, joke’s on you. Books are awesome. I love reading and writing and smelling them like a creep, but I feel like this lends a certain predictability to my life to be talking about them on the B-themed post. So, maybe I’ll be predictable for you next year.

For now, B is for Bathys.

Bathysmal: adjective – \bəˈthizməl\

: of or relating to the bottom of the deeper parts of the sea, especially those parts between 100 and 1000 fathoms deep 1

Today is about world building, at least to some degree. I’ve been working hard on Amity Dawn, trying to catch up and hash out the mess I made for myself in my previous outline. Sometimes it’s nice to escape the work-in-progress and make notes on other things. Bathys is just a place with no real substance, yet. I needed the break from the obsessing about Kadri and her crew, and fiddling with world building that doesn’t involve my current world seemed like the thing to do.

And, you know what I decided I needed? An underwater city that housed a semi-aquatic race of people. Those people have not entered the developmental stage, yet, though. It’s more the location. You’ve got your Greek allegory for hubris and a challenge of the power of the gods in Atlantis. Then there’s the cartoon version of Atlantis that seemed more… Aztec? I dunno. Milo was cool, though. I guess I just want to pull away from the “sunken city” aspect of ocean-dwelling people.

Remember, though, this is for fun. I may not even write about it. Bathys should be a cultural mix, I think. Maybe rooted in Greek culture, but overall, I feel like it should be a hub of awesome. Trade and art and understanding. I want Middle Eastern and Asian elements that are kind of draped through the Greek backdrop.

I’m not really discussing much, here. I just needed a sounding board. So, for now, B is for Bathys and I needed this post for my creative sanity.

What are you working on? Any extreme world building going on for the #AtoZChallenge or Camp NaNoWriMo?




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